The world is changing rapidly!
New management, marketing, IT technology has changed the world significantly over the past 20 years. And the modern school can not be a relevant and useful without a business education.
The entrepreneurs create the world - entrepreneurial ideas of Henry Ford, Souchiro Honda, Ray Kroc, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Muhammad Yunus change not only lives for the better, they raise the world to the fundamentally higher level. And not only their ideas inspire. There are other benefits of entrepreneurship to society.

Entrepreneurs provide the world with:
• creating enterprises,
• providing the jobs,
• create the necessary public goods and services,
• paying taxes, which mean all public institutions contributions for ministries, municipalities, schools, universities, hospitals, police, prosecutors, courts, etc.

In general, the larger the business development of the economy and the richer nation.
But that's not all ...

Entrepreneurs are real leaders - bright and free personality enough to listen to yourself and go for your dreams. These are the people who dared to go their own way and lead others. This call is creativity and self-realization of 100%! And so it is a feeling of happiness and self-sufficiency!
But who in your country teaches children to be successful, confident, enterprising, flexible, persistent, responsible?!
Who teaches kids to be entrepreneurs?

Only one educational institution in the world provides a system and in-depth business education for children and adolescents – it is the International Education Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL.


Why MINIBOSS Business Schools have become so popular in the world?
The secret of popularity in the 5 "pillars":

• It's really interesting and fun learning for children! Interactive lessons and games contribute to the rapid and easy assimilation of the material. Business trips, prizes and earned their own money - the best motivation!

• It is an effective training - 99.8% of parents noted progressive changes in their child from the 1st year of school!

• Healthy Environment - Students are required MINIBOSS interview, in which they argue that to go to MINIBOSS is their own choice. They come here consciously. And motivated to learn in groups of children with good habits - it is a strong instrument for development.

• Preservation of family values – we are for the connection of children with their parents, a deep understanding of the traditional kind, for the creation of family businesses.

• The international leader’s community - Education Network of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL connects business schools around the world, their students, teachers, supervisors, socially responsible entrepreneurs in the community of socially responsible business with a high mission - to develop a new generation of strong, successful and happy people!




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