MINIBOSS - is one of the most rewarding businesses today, which gives children the opportunity to become successful in adult life, whatever they may do in the future!
We learn to monetize their talents and knowledge!
We study our students how to get spiritual and material wealth!

MINIBOSS - extremely stable business financially. Our long experience in this field shows that even in the most difficult years of crisis in the economy, parents understand that the guarantee of the future wealth of their children in their special business education. Such "special" education with the secrets of a successful education and a strong personality (regardless of the profile of the future) - gives MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL. Therefore, we guarantee consistently high financial profit from this kind of activity, with its ever-increasing trend.

MINIBOSS - it's a unique and innovative business model that gives exceptional competitive advantages in the market of educational and consulting services for children, and therefore giving rise to a high level of retention rates.

MINIBOSS - is a business with rich structure of intellectual property (copyrights own textbooks, books, business games, competitions, forums startups, championships, etc.)

MINIBOSS – is a business that allows you to build long-term developed strategy of your company, as it operates not by short-term rates and long-term system of education for children, designed for 8 levels and 8 years.

MINIBOSS - is a socially responsible business, as it provides an important component of the society - the education of the new generations in the form of strong, self-sufficient and successful person. That is why MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL will be the subject of your pride and will become the hallmark of the city, region and eventually your country.

MINIBOSS - is the credibility and professionalism. It is an educational network which has already released to the world more than 4,000 graduates who have become entrepreneurs and top managers and in fact are successful and happy people.

MINIBOSS - is number 1 brand in the segment of business education for children, brand with a long and glorious history, profound scientific basis, world-renowned and multi-year string of victories in the World Championships.




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