Family DNA Coach Program by Olga Azarova

Parent Coaching Program "Family DNA" in honour of the 20th anniversary of MiniBoss Business School International Education Network.

8 Laws for Building a Successful Clan

Strength or weakness.
Wings or complexes.
Wealth or poverty.
Happiness or destruction.

It all starts with the basics, with the family ... and those key people who once created and introduced a FAMILY CULTURE and this culture created an atmosphere of happiness and harmony! (More)

The FAMILY DNA Coach Program is a course that has become legendary, turning the lives of families for many generations ahead, removing problems and creating family unity and harmony, a common vision for the future. After this course you will definitely take care of your family and you will know how!


1st module
  • Introduction to family coaching. Goals and objectives of the course
  • Neurobiology and my family: how it works
2nd module
  • Life as a system. Me and my goals
  • An “Want-do” system analysis
3rd module
  • Family as a system. Types of family relations
4th module
  • Laws of building a successful family clan (part 1)
5th module
  • Family Genogram
6th module
  • Laws of building a successful family clan (part 2)
7th module
  • Theory of the triune brain. Intelligence and its types
8th module
  • Emotional intelligence of the family
  • Identification of its chronic tone
  • Emotion management: detox and antistress
  • Creating a healthy emotional environment
9th module
  • Law of idealization
  • Research: sign out the main
  • Building a “Family model”
10th module
  • Family storytelling as a legacy.
  • Feedback from participants.
  • Certification.
Volume: 10 academic hours of theory and practice.

Dates: April 20, 23, 27, 30, May 4, 2020

Time: from 6.00 to 7.30 pm (2 modules per day for 45 minutes each) by Moscow/ Kiev time.

Connection technology:
  • Your Facebook account will be added to the Coach program chat,
  • The chat link to the Zoom conference will be reset to the chat 1 day before the start,
  • Chat materials will be posted on the chat for the practical work of each participant.
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